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New investment law of 2015

Investment in Egypt, according to New investment law of 2015:
Our office helps to engage in several areas to invest in Egypt, according to the mechanics of the New investment law of 2015 How & Where And the allocation of land Easement or Leases ownership, in addition to the various investment incentives.
New investment law of 2015 ensures - for the first time - to pay the government's share insurance to employees about the company, in addition to carrying the establishment of agricultural infrastructure, industrial and real estate lands part, in addition to the separation between the criminal and commercial responsibility, also set a maximum of 120 days end to legal Liquidation firm and out of theEgyptian marketif the administration , as did not respond on the company.
All of this and other unique office providing the highest service to the investor in Egypt.


Corporate and commercial law constitutes the largest area of the Taha Hanafi & Partners s practice. The Firm advises clients on virtually all aspects of business and commercial life, including reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts, incorporating businesses ranging from branches to local companies to joint ventures and undertaking corporate mergers and acquisitions, franchising, leasing, intellectual property rights and licensing services for its clients. It also advises on other related fields of Egyptian law for corporate clients, like taxation.


Hanafi Law & Partners has a Real Estate Department of well-experienced lawyers, as well as a big team of real estate clerks covering all authentication offices in most governorates throughout Egypt. It has assisted its clients with their real estate requirements including purchase, sale and lease of land, buildings, offices or residences. It has also acted for clients to recover real property, which had been previously sequestrated and property that had been fraudulently acquired by other parties. This entailed the forensic search for the original title documentation, identifying the recovery process, successfully litigating the ownership and finalizing the formal registration of the confirmed deeds of ownership with the competent Real Estate Authorities. The Firm ensures that the properties of its clients are officially registered with the competent real estate office
The Firm has also established and assisted real estate companies in Egypt in the acquisition of the largest plots of real estate offered by the Government through public auctions, as well as major negotiated large properties for development. It also helps clients who seek to obtain lease financing for their properties with banks, by negotiating, drafting and finalizing the relevant agreements


The Firm has a highly specialized team capable of providing consistent assistance in the various aspects of tax matters, including, tax planning, tax risk prevention, tax optimization, management and negotiation of projects, corporate tax consulting and strategic tax consulting methods of acquisition, taxation of foreign operations and income, real estate investments and other transactions, as well as structuring the most favorable tax schemes for its clients. The Firm advises clients on tax exemption privileges in certain areas and free zones and undertakes the implementation of such projects.
The Firm advises multinational, as well as local companies on all tax issues and represents all sorts of corporations through all levels of disputes on all tax-related matters before courts.


Hanafi Law & Partners has broad experience in advising clients on all aspects of international engineering, procurement and construction projects from bid documents to financing, financial support arrangements, concession contracts, joint ventures, construction contracts, subcontracts, technology supply and license agreements, technical service agreements, project management agreements, operational management agreements, contract administration, claims
Acting for developers, employers, funds, end users and contractors on a wide range of projects, Taha Hanafi & Partners offers help at every stage of the development process, from project conception and choice of procurement, through to the tender process and letting of the construction documentation
Hanafi Law & Partners is experienced in the use of the principal forms of construction contract employed internationally such as the FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and the NEC (New Engineering Contract), amongst many others. Taha Hanafi & Partners has also developed alternative forms of construction contract


The Firm acts for major multinational corporations doing business in Egypt. It has expertise in specialized areas such as international trade, foreign investment and other international transactions. With the collective experience in government, law, business and problem solving, the Firm is able to assist clients in all aspects of the many complex international matters in which they are involved.


The Firm’s labour and employment attorneys are experienced in all phases of the employer-employee relationship. The practice includes assisting in the formation and implementation of employment policies and strategies, negotiating employment agreements, and advising clients on the issues affecting the transfer of employees and pensions, as well as representing the client before the disciplinary boards or the courts.


Hanafi Law & Partners has a specialized Arbitration Department of top quality lawyers, who with their collective experience make all the difference in the arbitral process. The Department has vast technical and logistical support from the broad diversified expertise of the Firm to ensure distinct performance. Taha Hanafi & Partners are connected with a wide web of top accounting experts, expert witnesses and other trade-related expertise, which ensures a tough arbitral platform. This is why the Firm has brought many major victories to its clients and has earned recognition in the entire Middle East and has led many of its clients to become repeat customers